Attributes, selector or xPath?

Which one of these to choose from and where to get it from? How can I do that? Can you give me the details?

Hello, @Michel_F!

You can open any webpage in browser and switch to developer mode (F12 or right click on page or select “Inspect elements”). The code page appears on the right. Next, you need to click on this icon (please, look on the picture) or press Ctrl + Shift + C hotkey.

Then you can choose the necessary element on webpage and corresponding line on the code will be displayed. Click on choosen item with left mouse button to select it. Then click on the line of code and copy either selector or xPath and paste it in the Block properties of function from “Browser” group.

Hi, @Michel_F!
Did my last answer help you? If you have any other questions, please, feel free to ask.

I prefer to use the Xpath as it is more of a universal identification. By the way - there is a number fo Chrome extensions that makes it easy to identify Xpath of a given element, like

@garintheengineer hi! You can find here some useful informaton about XPath:XPath Cheat Sheet