Select digital certificate


I’m using an automatic translator.

I’m a new Electroneek user.

I would like to know if anyone has ever had the need to get the digital certificate selection object in Chrome? As I couldn’t, even with the help of support, I had to create a solution involving the tab key and opening a window for each certificate, but it takes a long time when I have several installed on the computer.

Solutions that would solve my problem:

1 - I saw that there is a way to change the registry and inform the default digital certificate for the browser, this would help me a lot, because it would be very fast

2 - Select the certificate by python

3 - Have another way to capture the object.

Thank you very much in advance

Hi @FabioFreitas did you create a ticket on the Support Portal?

Hi @Mabwa_Neek,

I opened the ticket today, but I had already commented with the support staff in a meeting, I’ve had this problem since September.

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@FabioFreitas please share the support ticket number.

@Mabwa_Neek Ticket 9621.

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Thanks for sharing the ticket number @FabioFreitas. Our support team will look into this further and advise you.

Still waiting for a solution.

Hi @FabioFreitas
Our support team will request a new meeting to explore the solutions provided and their feasibility. Please accept the invitation to the meeting.