Pass Value to Click on Element

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I am facing an issue while passing the variable to the click on element activity. I am performing the right steps but it is giving me an error. I want to know if anyone can correct me if I am doing some wrong steps.

Steps I am performing.

Error I have encountered

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Muhammad Hayyan Khan

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Hi @Muhammad_Hayyan,

Everything looks ok to to me from what you have provided. It might be helpful to show us how you have configured the “Click on element” activity.

I have a few suggestions which might help to narrow down the issue:

  • Check and see if you are running the latest version of Studio Pro.
  • Is there any change if you uncheck the ‘Is Global’ checkbox?
  • Is there any change if you use a String for the variable value? This can be enforced by using the Calculate a value option and set the value to double quotes (Ex: “3”).



Hello @Arran_McCullough

Thank you for your support!

I have noticed all the steps that I have done are correct and are working fine for all the sites except the one I am working on. I have generated the ticket to check why this method is not working for the specific site.

You can use the same method at your end. It works fine.

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Muhammad Hayyan Khan