New Chrome window opens randomly

Hello everyone, today i was moving a project from my local machine to the remote host where it will be running.
On the remote host it randomly opens a new Chrome window when no keyboard input or open app are selected, the bot keeps running on the first window but when it finish there are like 15 new Chrome windows open, this won’t happen on my local machine, the problem is only on the remote host.
The OS is Windows Server 2012 on the remote host and Windows 10 on my local machine.

Chome version 109.0.5414.120, ElectroNeek Browser Automation version 9.1.1 and Studio Pro 9.14 on both systems.

Any ideas? Thanks

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Hi @soluciones, Welcome to the community.

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing this behavior. To ensure that we can help you as quickly as possible and unblock you, please open a ticket in our support center. This will allow us to investigate the issue and provide assistance.

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I have experienced a similar issue in my last project. It was a .neex file. The issue was resolved by enabling the option “Don’t close the browser after execution” in the Web browser settings from the Bot Runner. I don’t know if that will work for you, but I think it’s worth a try.


Thanks for your help, unfortunately that option is already enabled on both computers.
I was running some tests and i think the problem is the data relations file, when i run a “scrape structured data” activity it opens a new window each time instead of using the already open window.



I see… Have you tried selecting the tab as shown in the image below.

I know the problem is new windows being opened, but maybe selecting the tab will help.


Same result, it keeps opening a new window each time. The bot keeps running and working fine on the first window :joy:

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Well, we tried! hahaha
Let us know when you find a solution for the problem.

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Hi @soluciones

I hope you are doing well!

Is it possible to share the workflow so that I can check it on my side. It would help understanding the problem in much better way. I can help solving this issue with some other solution even if the workflow is perfectly fine.

Best Regards

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Hello, @soluciones We would like to follow up with you to find out if you managed to open a ticket on the support center in relation to this.

Please let us know if you were able to be unblocked by the support team.

Happy Automation with ElectroNeek!!!

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