How to work with "Execute js code"..? Is "Execute js code" support with document.****..?If not Is there any other solution..?

give me a solution for this

Hello, @paladave!

In ‘Execute js code’ you can write expressions in JavaScript and refer to previously created variables. You can also use the libraries - lodash and moment.js. More details about this activity you can find here.

You can work with elements on web pages by specifying attributes, CSS selectors and XPath. These values can also be set to dynamic, i.e. using variables and methods in JavaScript (‘Calculate a value’ checkbox).

You can learn more about working with web pages in this article, as well as how you can set parameters in the properties of the activity.

If possible, can you describe your case in more detail? Examples will also help.

If you have questions - please feel free to ask!

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Hello, @a.polianskii,

Thank you for the info.
Will it be possible at some point to use other JS libraries/applications such as node.js and edge.js?
Edge.js, for example, would allow running C# code from ElectroNeek. As for node.js, the possibilities are vast, I think.


Thanks, @TimDolotkazin, makes sense. I guess I can get the return as a string, is that right?