How to select the current date dynamically Based on the current day

Hi Every one,

I need to select the current date dynamically based on the current day. Please find the below screenshot for your reference and kindly help us on this issue.

Can you just type the date in the field? Have you tried by selecting the element of one day and check in the Advanced Options to see if there is an attribute that can be used to identify the Day dynamically?

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@dm.ferreyra Thanks for the suggestion. There is no option to enter the date in the field. When we click on the option directly it is opening on the window to select the date. In the above conversation, I have attached the screenshot.
As per your word we have selected the element and checked in the option advanced. Below is the screenshot for your reference. Where I need to identify the date dynamically. what is the statement I need to change in the selectors?

@Kiran, I don’t see any screenshot in your post other than the original one. I’m attaching an screenshot with an example using the calendar in Google Sheets. I have selected the 17th day and you can see that the number is in the innerText property. I can modify that value to change the selection.

To make that property dynamic you can use change the “Is” calculation method by “Calculate” and then put a variable name in the Value filed as you can see in the screenshot below:

I missed the attachement. Its My bad…Please find the attachment for your refrence.

It is similar to the example I sent. I recommend you to uncheck “aerial-label” and “tabindex” and use the “innerText” to dinamically set the day with a variable.