How to go to the next page in an Ecommerce website

Help me for how to go next page and write that data into excel sheets in ecommerce website.

I find that using the web automation selectors makes this process simpler. you can use the do while loop to create a process that will extract the data from the ecommerce site and the move to the next page.

Thank you for giving solution for that but the Whole data in all pages what i extracted that is not appear in excel. For that what i will do

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how is the information being presented into excel, can you share an image or a short video? and do you get any error message in the console log about data objects?

This is Project

And did not any errors

Have you tried using the fore each row activity on an existing spreadsheet, or you can try the scraped structured data feature in web automation and then save the data to a table.

Yes, I used Scrape structured data also

Hello @Siva_Lakshmi , did you find a solution for this process?

No, I used scrape structured data it is working for going to next page.
But data in an excel sheet is not write. Only one time data would be written in excel sheet. I want to store every page data in an excel sheet.

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@Siva_Lakshmi Okay, Got it. I recommend reaching out to the support team through the portal for some additional assistance. I am sure they can help you with this process.

Thank you giving support