Error with extension

Hello, I’m having problems running the runner, it has an error with the extension, but does anyone have this problem?


Hello, @FabioFreitas, Could you kindly open a ticket on the support center for an in-depth analysis of this?

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I already have ticket 9951 open.

Thank you, @FabioFreitas. If you have any other queries, don’t hesitate to ask.

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Good Morning,

My problem with the extension keeps happening on more computers, messing with my projects.

Good day, @FabioFreitas. Your support ticket number 9951 is still active and open for support. One of our customer support representatives will reach out to you with regard to the ticket.

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Hello @Mabwa_Neek ,
Yes, the ticket is still open, but the number of machines with the problem is only increasing and the proposed solutions sometimes work for some time.

As I’m using different environments, I don’t believe I’m the only one experiencing this problem.

I need a definitive solution, because I’m wasting time that I could be creating new solutions to manually try to solve this problem.

Hi @FabioFreitas,

Sorry to hear this, could you kindly accept the calendly invitation issued by our support representative so that we can further investigate this?

Still without a solution, support only suggests some tests, but I need a definitive solution, I can’t spend my days trying to solve a problem that’s been there for days.

You should change the service methodology, raising the level of service when the issue is not resolved. All companies do this.

The problem has not been resolved, being postponed to the release of the new version, but problems must be resolved and not delayed until an improvement update, bug is bug, improvement is improvement.

Hi @FabioFreitas, We totally understand how this may be frustrating. We have requested another meeting to explore this further. Please accept the invitation to the meeting.


The quick fix was for me to change my codes, but I can’t change my designs to adapt to program errors. It’s pretty hard.

The update that would make it possible to use two users on the same computer has been released and is also not working. We had to hire extra servers to keep delivering our projects.

Hello @FabioFreitas,

We would encourage you to work with the solution we provided.

The proposed solution requires me to change my codes in several places to adapt to the program, that’s too bad.

It is not a question of incentives, but of maintaining what we agree with our customers.

We have already isolated the reason, as was previously discussed with our representative, and the responsible team is working to find the best solution. We recommend using the suggested solution for the time.

@Mabwa_Neek ,

I can’t keep changing my code every time I find a problem in the program and I can’t keep watching or doing manual processes because of the problems.

Your solutions are always complex, my system cannot be a patchwork sheet, there are points that were written as an outline and remain until today.

I await urgent contact from a representative who resolves the problems.

Hi @FabioFreitas, We totally acknowledge this. Your partner account manager will reach out to you directly once we have a comprehensive solution. To remove the blocker, please implement the solution we provided earlier.

Until today I have not received a contact with clarifications about the problem and its solution, until today I also cannot use more than one Windows user at the same time, a problem that would be solved with version 18, now I received an email informing me of version 19, but the problem with version 18, it will not be solved, how can it? Can’t wait for releases of versions for the issue to be resolved.

Hi @FabioFreitas. Our support team will reach out to you through the ticket raised in the Support Center.

Hello @Fedra_Minguillon_Jac ,

We had a meeting two months ago and nothing was resolved, I still can’t use more than one user on the machine, how to solve this?