Error in the 'Open URL' activity

The Open URL activity is in a loop and sometimes won’t work.

The error is as follows:

Please verify the tab value you provided in the Parameters section exists. Before rerunning the bot, ensure the tab exists when the desired step is about to be executed and confirm it was not previously closed by either any misconfiguration in the workflow or manual action.

I have not provided any tab values because how can I provide a tab value if the tab hasn’t been opened yet? Not even the browser is opened yet. The objective is to open the browser with the Open URL activity, but the error comes up before the browser is opened, so I know it’s not a nertwork problem. Since the activity is part of a loop, the URL changes everytime. It doesn’t make sense to provide a tab value because, as far as I know, the value will change if the URL changes. And how come it works sometimes if the configuration is the same?

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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Hi @cris-dsc

Can you please try connecting another Open URL activity, to the error port of the current Open URL activity. Give it a try, maybe it solves your problem.


Muhammad Hayyan Khan

Hi. Thank you for the suggestion. I’ve tried that, but it made no difference. I’ve contacted support and the person in charge of my ticket couldn’t help me. He told me he’s trying to replicate the problem to try and find a solution.

Ok great if you have already tried it. I would appreciate it if you could share your .neek file, if possible, so that I can check it on my end and suggest any possible changes. I have never encountered any such problem with this activity.

@cris-dsc i checked with the team internally, you will have a status update on the ticket as appropriate.