Dynamic selector options

All I am new to ElectroNeek doing a POC. I am working with a selector that the innertext will change based on the value I past in from a global variable.

In the browser picker window under advance it sounds like what I would need to do is for the name I would use the calculation set to calculate and in the value put the name of the global variable that contains the value I want.

It is not working if I put contains and type in the text it works so I not the element is working just not when I try to pass in the variable.

I was trying what is in the below article what is in the advance options.
How to interact with web-elements – ElectroNeek Help Center


Below you can see I have my global variable which if I am understanding this should work. I also have a console log before and after the element to make sure the variable is working and it is.

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@javierruiz Are you trying to pass the variable in ‘Value’ field? Could you please help me understand why you are trying to use dynamic inner text while picking the element?

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Yes the variable would be passing the value of the variable into the value field foe innertext of that element. The reason I am doing it this way is because the is a list of companies that are sent in an excel file that those companies need to be deleted from the app. The app has tile card that to click the element we would need the company name since it is in the innertext.

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@javierruiz looks like issue is with some other attribute of the element. Can you share the link for application and element(if its accessible for all) so i can take a look.

Also, note that while picking the element using calculate it says ‘No element found’ as its variable and will be definied during the execution of bot so during the runtime bot will work fine with this element.

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Here is the link to the demo app


username- demobot01
password- demobot01

Hi @javierruiz

I am assuming that you want to get the name of the company from your application that you have shared? Confirm me this please? Then I’ll come with some solid solution.

Sorry i should have been clear in email an excel sheet arrives that will have the customers that need to be cleaned up from the system. So the Bot takes the company name from the excel sheet and then clicks the company name on the site.

Also all the issues are resolved and the automation is working

@javierruiz Could you share the issue resolution here. It helps for others if anyone else having the same issue

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The issue was the selector I was selecting had some additional innertext that was not allowing to the variable to work because it was expecting the additional values. After updating the selector then the variable was working since the data being past is what was expected for the innertext.

So the whole time the variable was working the issue was with the selector.