Couldn't find the dropdown in browser element when using "Select List Item" activity

Hi All,I’m unable to find the dropdown list from the Website’s element.I can see it manually but I’m unable to see it when tried with GUI Automation and Web Automation Activity.

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Hello @Karthikeya I am assuming you might be using dropdown with ‘div’ or any other tag.
‘Select list item’ is designed to work with tags that contains tags

If dropdown you are you trying is using div or other tags please follow below alternatives.

  • Click on element - click on the dropdown
  • Click on element - click on the element from the dropdown

Another way of making it work:

  1. Inspect the element you want to select (Dropdown)
  2. Click on element from dropdown list
  3. Check the property of the HTML element, it might change one of the parameters or a parameter might be added to it.( i.e. “selected=true”)

If none of the above mentioned solution worked, I would suggest you to contact support with details.

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