Auto Email Reply Property

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to know your suggestions on this missing feature of ElectroNeek.
I am using the Send Email activity in my projects and i have noticed that there should also be some property in Send Email that replies the particular email automatically, instead of passing the address of a particular person through a variable every single time to that activity. Although even this method works perfectly but increases the steps in the flow. I think there should be some checkbox in the property of Send Email activity which, if selected should reply itself to the emails that are received by the Bot and vice versa.
Kind Regards,
Muhammad Hayyan

Note: This is my personal opinion. You can have different opinions for sure. Take it on a lighter note.

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Hi @Muhammad_Hayyan , Thank you so much for reaching out, that is a great suggestion and I appreciate you explaining how it would help you out. For sure this is something that we can look into. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other ideas.