Zooming in Electroneek Studio

Hello All,

Mistakenly, I have pressed ctrl- on studio and it got smaller like below image. Now when I am trying to ctrl+ it is not working. Below steps I have taken to resolve the issue but nothing is working.

  1. Restart of the machine
  2. Closing and opening the Studio Pro.
  3. Reinstalling Studio Pro

Could you please help me how I can reset the studio again ?

@AnkitDwivedi hi! try CTRL+MOUSE WHEEL DOWN for Zoom out and CTRL+MOUSE WHEEL UP for Zoom in.
Also this article can be helpful for you: Studio Pro Hotkeys – ElectroNeek Help Center

This woks only at file level not at the tool level

@AnkitDwivedi Try press CTRL0 (ctrl+zero) on Studio Pro.