Version Control

ElectroNeek provides software tools that help RPA development teams manage bot’s changes over time. Version control or source code control allows you to track and manage changes to program code. There are three ways to provide version control:

  1. Version control can be implemented through publishing new versions to Orchestrator SaaS. This is the easiest way. In this case, new versions are published in the Orchestrator, which can be modified using the Studio Pro application and published in the Orchestrator.

  1. The version of the bot can be reverted or restored from File history of the project in the Studio Pro application. The bot’s version can be undone or restored from the project file history in the Studio Pro application. In this case,the developer uses the version from the saved changes in the File history section of Studio Pro, which can be given version names to identify project versions. The developer selects the desired version and presses the Revert button to roll back to previous versions.

  1. You can also push the neek file to the Git repository and see changes in the file. The development team can track changes by adding versions of commit notes or download the project from Git and see the versions of changes in File History.