Using variables to form dynamic selector

is it possible to use a variable in the selector to form a dynamic selector?

Hello @Yernur

Could you please provide more details about it?
What type of elements are you trying to select? Desktop or Web elements?

When we select an element we can change its atributes and use the “Calculate” option and use a variable on it, here:

In this way we can use variables from our workflow and make this selection dynamic.

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Hello @Renan.Mancilha
this is a desktop. The selector consists of 5-6 words. I get the first word while working. I wanted to substitute the first word through a variable and the rest is not important.
but to ignore the rest of the characters, the Wildcard option is suitable here, that is *

How can these 2 options be combined? I eventually need something like this: {{variable}}*

Hello @Yernur,

In this case, could you please contact support team so they will be able to deeply analyze the situation.