Unable to OCR anything with Yandex or Microsoft

Every single time I get the same error: ‘Request failed with status code 413’ with no further explanation on what that means.
In addition whenever I try to calculate a Path it just says it can’t find the file even when I double check it’s existence. I thought maybe I am structuring the Path wrong, so I tried checking out knowledge.electroneek to find how it percieves paths and all that and found 0 answers.
I tried calculating it like this: ‘C:\Users\name\directory\temp’ + q + ‘.png’
I tried doing toString(q) instead since this platform seems to be based on js, but it yielded the same error

Hello, @Jon_Salman!

When using some particular extension of files, this error occurs? If you chose a pdf file - Yandex Vision only recently added support for such files. In the nearest releases this feature will appear through our platform as well. If extension is not PDF so it would be useful to get a video with this error. You can also show in this video error with the file path and show that there are really such files.
Thank you!

The issue with paths still remains, but for some reason the OCR error stopped showing up, but instead it just gives me a bunch of empty objects as the output to a png that clearly has text in it
Only the output is shown below since I can only send one picture as a new user:

The png that I tried to OCR:

@Jon_Salman, hi, we’ll sort it out.

  1. First of all, let’s start with your version of the platform. We published a new release recently and we suggest you to update to it. The version must be 1.7 - Release 1.7 - New interface, usability features and much more
  2. Let’s start with the path calculating. When you’re using the ‘Calculate a value’ option you’re required to use the JavaScript syntax rules. As you know, typically paths have the \ symbol to follow the hierarchy. But in JavaScript it’s a special symbol that needs to be followed with an escape character. So if you want to actually put the slash symbol you’ll have to follow this slash with another slash. It means your path will look like this: C:\\tmp\\my_folder\\my_file.png. Check it now please.

Take a look at this link to see some information about the escape character - https://www.w3schools.com/js/js_strings.asp

Tell me please if it works. If it does then we’ll jump to the other problems.

Also after you update your version, try again to read the non-working file with an OCR engine you prefer. If it doesn’t work, send the file itself please. Keep in mind that for Microsoft and Yandex engines it must be a picture, not a pdf file.