Trigger, is it possible to use?

Is it possible to activate a Button through a trigger?
For example, I have a system whether web or an ERP and an activity arrives in it, would it be possible to activate the Bot when the activity arrives?

Hi @pedro.azevedo!

That sort of behavior that you are looking for can be achieved via our native integration with Zapier.
If your system has a connector available on Zapier, you can set up a Zap so that whenever a certain action happens in that system, an ElectroNeek workflow is triggered via the Orchestrator. You can find more details about how to do that in this Help Center article.

Aside from Zapier integration, another way to achieve that same result would be to have a bot running on a PC, checking on whether the trigger activity has happend - for example, by checking if a certain element is found on screen, or if a certain window is open/closed, or if a file has been downloaded, just to name a few examples. If the trigger activity has happened, then continue with the workflow logic - otherwise, wait a certain amount of time and then check again.

You could even schedule a workflow to run every 15m (for example) from the Orchestrator, and the first thing that bot does is check the trigger condition - if it hasn’t happened, then the bot ends, otherwise it continues.

Let me know if this information is helpful to you!