I can’t open a workflow inside another workfloaw, i’m getting the following message : “The file you are trying to open was deleted or relocated. If you want to open this file, press “OPEN WORKFLOW” and search for the file manually.”

@ousmar The workflow you have used in subprogram might have deleted, renamed or moved to some other location. Please cross check whether the file is present in the path you have mentioned in “Path to file”

yes it s present, because i choosed the file from pick button…

@ousmar If you are getting error message even after having the file in place, this needs to be analyzed further. Please contact the support team in order to get professional assistance.


I am not having much success with this either with regards to web-related neek files. I am getting the following errors.

While on the main.neek, I clicked the little + button to create a new neek file and added the subprogram steps. When I ran the main process, it gave me the errors. I’ve tried using Subprogram several times and have gotten the same errors. What should I do to make this work? Thank you so much!


@BrandonTerry, you are not working in a project. You are just working with neek files. I would recommend to create or open a project to work with subprograms.

Regarding the error messages, could you please show us how they are configured? It seems that something is missing in there.