Studio Pro 6.0.25 stopped working


We use Studio Pro 6.0.25 through proxy and unexpectedly we have attention - error with connection to ElectroNeek services.
We try to connect to ElectroNeek services with full internet access but unsuccessfully.
How can we start Studio withought update version.
Problems started yesterday 21/09/2022.

Hi @Anatoly_Minaev, We are sorry to hear this. Would you kindly submit a support ticket on the support portal so they can look into this further?

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Thank you for reply.

How can I submit a support ticket?

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I found where to create ticket.

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Hi @Anatoly_Minaev just following up on this, did you find a solution to this?

Hi, unfortunately no.
We’re in the progress of recoding a video for support team.

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Please update once you receive a solution from the support team.

The solution has been found. Thanks a lot.

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Please feel free to ask any additional questions @Anatoly_Minaev; we’re happy to have been of help.