Selecting data from excel

I am trying to create a bot where the bot will:

Look through the first excel sheet, select data from the first column, find the exact same data from the second sheet and extract the corresponding value.

As an example, I have created a test excel file. From the first screenshot, the bot will select the first row and column A data which is the value β€˜1’. This is in Sheet2.

The bot will then look into Sheet1 (second screenshot), column A, and look for the matches. In my screenshot, the match is in row 1, column A. The bot should then extract the corresponding value from column B, which is β€˜January’.

So to summarize, extract data from one sheet, match it with the second sheet and extract the corresponding value.

Any help will be much appreciated. Requesting screenshots of the workflow so that I may be able to understand better :slight_smile:


Kindly seeking attention and requesting assistance for this!

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@Hashibul_Hussain we need to use nested loop here to compare two sheets values.

  1. Read data from both tables
  2. loop through column value of first table data
  3. inside that loop, loop through 2nd table data and compare values
  4. if values are same, extract requires data or else keep looping.

Use nested loop, compare values and extract data. hope you are getting the logic here