Select Area in desktop application that is not selectale

I am having a desktop application that i need to read some data which appear inside a table inside the application, but i can’t find a way to select the area or fining any other way to get the data inside the table cell.
do you have any suggestion?
(we already tried click on coordination but we were not able to read the content, we tries ctrl+A and ctrl+C but nothing is being selected to the clipboard )

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You can take a screenshot of this screen and pass it the OCR. This might work for you. I am assuming the screen would remain same every time but the values might change, so Google OCR would work best to extract the data.

I would suggest to give it a try manually if OCR reads this image and gets the desired data then add it in your flow. Let me know if it helps you.

You can try selecting a different element nearby and using the TAB key with Send hotey to reach the desired field. As for reading the content, check if there is a spefici hotkey to copy the data from the field. Maybe it’s not Ctrl+C, but somthing else, specific from the app.