Screenshot is always providing the lock screen


I have implemented the screenshot function and it works great from the Studio.

However, every time I run the automation in the bot runner from the Orchestrator, I am always getting back the lock screen.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can get the screen shot from the actual desktop and not the lock screen?

Thank you,

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Hello @Adrian_Poaca,

The Take a screenshot activity will always capture what is being shown on screen at the moment, so it sounds like you are running a workflow while the Windows session is closed.

Keep in mind that Bot Runner doesn’t open a Windows session, so you need to make sure that the session is open before running the workflow. Please check out this article on Help Center about working on servers with a closed session.

Please let me know if this is helpful to you (if it is, you can mark my answer as a Solution.) Otherwise, let us know as well, and we’ll discuss next steps.

Thank you!


Thank you. This information has been very helpful.

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Link is broken, could you update?

Hi @andrewk, here is our current documentation on working with a closed or blocked RDP window.

Hope this helps! If you encounter any issues you can open up a new thread and share more details.

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