Same log time stamp

I noticed that in orchestrator, the processing logs always contain the same time (12:00 AM).
is it possible to have log with the right time?

I create my own logs using the Append to file activity. This way I can customize it how I want. I think that can help you, although I’m not sure that’s what you’re looking for. If it is, let me know so I can share more details about how I do it.


Hi @cris-dsc , yours is a great solution! For now I’ll do as you suggested

But wanted to know if electroneek will ever fix this bug …


Hi @cris-dsc we appreciate your suggestion for another work around. @daniele_arcangeli just aside from the solution provided by @cris-dsc we would kindly request you to open a subsequent ticket for further evaluation of this.

Hello @daniele_arcangeli I found this resource helpful in providing instructions on creating custom logs. It’s a great resource for anyone who wants to create their own logs.

Follow these steps:

  1. Create a spreadsheet in Google Sheets
  2. Get the spreadsheet ID — which is located in the URL, as you can see highlighted below:**1ixn9515PgXy7BVR7t-6tmGcWUbPP5….ecENA**/edit#gid=0


  1. On Studio Pro, add the Get current date activity to your workflow to collect the date to your logs


  1. Add the activities you need to your workflow

  2. For each of these activities, connect the Exception Exit (the red dot) to an Append Value activity


  1. In the Append Value activity:
  • Add the spreadsheet ID (from step 2)
  • Select “Calculate a value” and insert the following data: ["'"+current_date+" - Webpage not open"+"'"]

Note that you need to replace “webpage not open“ with a name to your specific activity action.


I hope this is of assistance to anyone wishing to create their own logs


I’m glad I could help! Let me share more details about how I customize my logs.

I add Append to file after important points in the workflow to register success, info or errors. In the “Path” section, I set it in such a way that its name will always be the date of execution. I use new Date().toISOIstring().slice(0.12) to select only the part I want from the date, which is “yyyy-mm-dd”

In message I include the type of log (info, error, success, etc), the name of the subprogram and the message itself.

You can see that I use new Date().toLocalDateString() for the date and concatenate it with Date().slice(16,24) for the time in order to get dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss

This way my logs help me understand what is going on during execution.


Thanks @cris-dsc and @spiderMonkey1 for such detailed tutorials, I will definitely use a local log to keep trace of the run.
Anyway i hope Electroneek fix the error soon