Read Excel file

Could you please tell me how do I select some values from the entire Excel file? How do you get a specific cell, for example?

Hello, @Anil!

Of course, you can extract all the elements from a certain sheet. It’s convenient to work with the resulting array. You can do it using the entry in the “Calculate a value” form:
excel_content["Sheet 2"],
excel_content is the name of variable where the whole Excel file is stored,
Sheet 2 is the name of necessary page.

Let’s assume that we have saved a new sheet in the newSheet variable

So then you can extract a specific cell using this kind of recording:
3 is the line number +1 (since the array starts from zero),
C is the column number.

Tell me if there’s anything else I can tell you about this.

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Hi, @Anil!

Have you managed to extract the required cell or sheet? Are there any more questions?