Random UNKNOWN: unknown error in web automation related to 'port-browser-executor'

Sometimes the executable .neex file bot throws an error with the following message:

UNKNOWN: unknown error, open 'C:\Users\Compliance\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default\Extensions\ckpeppbenblngfjnbgmcohkcholelomc\9.0.0_0\data\port-browser-executor'

The error seems to happen randomly and in different points of the workflow that usually work without any errors. One minute it’s working, the next it throws this error. So it’s difficult to investigate what’s wrong and correct the issue. I don’t quite understand the message. Is there something wrong with the browser extension?

Hi @cris-dsc

The error message you provided suggests that an unknown error occurred while attempting to open the file “port-browser-executor” in the “ckpeppbenblngfjnbgmcohkcholelomc” extension folder, which is located in the default user data folder for Microsoft Edge.

This error could have various causes, such as a permissions issue with the file or folder, a corruption of the file, or an issue with the extension itself.

Also can you tell us on which activity it gives this error? So we can further narrow down the solution.

@cris-dsc This needs to investigate as you are mentioning its intermittent. Please reach out to support with details in order to find exact root cause for the issue.

Various activities, such as Get element value and Click on element.