Publishing on Orchestrator

I am trying to publish the file on Orchestrator but for me the button “Connect this workflow to Orchestrator” is disabled. Could you please help me in that ?

Hello @AnkitDwivedi there are two possibilities.

  1. when you open in ‘play ground’ mode, this will be disabled.
  2. You are not connected to any orchestrator.
    cross check these once.

@Kudlappa_Gouder - How can i check that ?


  1. try to open in project mode and see if you can see that enabled.
  2. go to bot runner and and check if any orchestrator connected

Thanks @Kudlappa_Gouder - this works for me. Could you also help me how i can assign bot runner to my published code on orchestrartor ?

@AnkitDwivedi Good to hear that you identified that issue. Now follow this doc to connect your bot runner to orchestrator.
How to connect Bot Runner to Orchestrator – ElectroNeek Help Center.
Once it is done. Publish your workflow to orchestrator and assign bot runner to execute bots.
How to assign Bot Runners – ElectroNeek Help Center

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