Published/Scheduled Bots MUCH slower than executing via Studio Pro

I have a Workflow that completes successfully in 30-40 minutes when I run via Studio Pro. When I publish it and schedule it via orchestrator it takes 5 hours - 10x longer! Is this a known issue? Are there certain activities that cause this performance downgrade for published bots?

Hi @clementine No, It doesn’t depend on the type of actions you use in your workflow. Could you tell us more about your algorithm.

@clementine I would also recommend that you report this issue to support for more information.

The process reads many records from a couple of different Excel Sheets and then opens a legacy desktop application for processing that data. Then I write the records back to another spreadsheet with completion status. I am looping through the dataset a few times and running custom javascript to build an array. These seem to be the portions that take are taking extra time. I also understated how slow - I let this run overnight last night and it still didn’t complete after 9 hours. I ran it within Studio this morning and it took 30 minutes.

@clementine have you tried to reach out to our support team and report this situation? They can better help you.

@clementine If there is no queue for assigned Bot Runner, the execution should take the same amount of time. Please decribe this behaviour for support.Thanks!