Process Queues and "Other Script is Running" error

I’m getting this error now for processes that are in queue behind an already executing process. I haven’t seen any consistency so far so I need to understand what causes the orchestrator to kill queued process with the following error:

Error Details

Date and Time

18 April 2022, 10:20 PM, GMT-04

Error message

Other script is executing

Any documentation would be appreciated.


Hello @clementine This kind of behavior can be noticed on the Bot Runner version lower than 7.2. If you’re using the old version please upgrade to the latest version and monitor memory usage every 12/24 hours.

You can enable auto logs for that workflow and check auto logs for memory usage data:

I did update my Bot Runner to 8.0.9 and still see this issue. I’m not getting any logs because these processes are failing with this error while they are still in queue - they are never started.

@clementine the support team will be there to assist if you send them the details about the issue.