Parallel activity execution

In some RPA vendor, developers can implement bots which run parallel activities. Is ElectroNeek able to implement bots in the same or similar way?

Hello Rubem, each bot/workflow is serial in nature, no parallel activities. To run parallel activities you have to use multiple Bot Runners and run a copy of the bot in each one.

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Hi, Diego. Thank you for your reply.

Let me give you an example. Let’s assume that I have a huge list of 10,000 social numbers to check their registration status on a government website. I’d like to query in parallel for every 100 social numbers, and save the status of those queries in a data table. How can I implement these competing queries in ElectroNeek?

One option would be to work with multiple bots that uses a shared spreadsheet or database that has the list of social numbers and also a couple of fields for control.

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Will I need more than one bot runner to achieve this? If so, will I have to register more than one bot runner at the Orchestrator SaaS?

Yes. In order to run them in parallel you need multiple Bot Runners and each Bot Runner will connect to the Orchestrator if you want to run in unattended mode.