Overwritten cell

Hello, I’m working on a table in which when there are two “percentages” filled in, the line needs to be duplicated, one line for each “percentage”, as one represents the percentage of the company and another for the sector. For this I iterated the activity “for each row”, where I use “update excel cell” and fill the line with value “i”, for company I use the value “i+1”. But after running the value “i+1” is overwritten. How do I troubleshoot the problem? There is no possibility to check if the cell is filled or not?

@pedro.azevedo quick way to find whether cell is filled or not is to have console log for i and i+1 values before updating the excel cell. You can debug based on the values you are getting in i and i+1.

If you can share the screenshot of logic it will help me understand more and suggest you further

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Thanks @Kudlappa_Gouder, I get the solution alone haha I did “i+2” when happen this situation.