Orchestrator keeps losing connection to Bot Runner on VM for no clear reason (Windows 365 Cloud PC)

We are following the steps from the Electroneek team to keep our VM remote desktops online by using the Bat file. We have a Bot Runner agent installed on the VM. The VM is the Windows 365 Cloud PC.

Generally for a few days, we have no issues with kicking off the Orchestrator which uses the Bot Runner in the VM. However, without fail, we’ve noticed that at some point over the days/weeks, the Orchestrator will fail because the Bot Runner will lose connection with the VM.

What’s strange is that when we log into the VM, we see that the Bot Runner agent still says it’s connected, but it shows as disconnected in the Orchestrator. It’s very frustrating because we have to keep disconnecting the Bot Runner agent and then generating a new token in order to reconnect the VM as a new Bot Runner.

We’ve tried everything (bat file; using a second VM to keep the Bot Runner agent VM active) but we have no clue how to solve this. Is there a fix we can deploy here?

Hey @BD1 ,

Have you tried to reinstall the Bot Runner application on the machine? Also, have you faced this issue on another machines as well?