Orchestrator down

this morning Orchestrator does not work and does not launch scheduled bots. how can I launch bots if the site is down (white page)? can you notify the users before making the site inaccessible/maintenance mode?

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Hi, @daniele_arcangeli apologies for any inconvenience you may have experienced with the orchestrator. Could you please create a ticket in the support center for further evaluation of the cause of this and advice on how to proceed? Please let us know if there is anything else that we can help with.

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Hello @daniele_arcangeli

It was working fine with me for today.

Can you please share the error. Please make sure you upload the main .neek file to orchestrator and then publish the project to Orchestrator.

Hi @Muhammad_Hayyan ,
I have no error, only a white page instead of the list of robots/workflow. I tried to reach ochestrator with different browsers and I changed pc, but it always gave the same image, white page after login (instead, menu on the left side was visible)
During this time no scheduled robot has started. After an hour Orchestrator has returned reachable and bots have started

If it is still not working with you, can you please share the screenshot of the page. Also I would suggest to refresh your page for several times. I am sure it will solve your issue. It happens with me sometimes as well. But by refreshing and reloading the page, I get the desired output.

Thank you!

Usually with the refresh I resolve but today it didn’t work. My colleague also tried from Switzerland and had the same problem…

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Hi @daniele_arcangeli, If you haven’t already opened the ticket, please do so by navigating to the Support Center and creating a ticket.

and feel free to update here the Solution once you receive it.

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Thanks @Mabwa_Neek, today happened again and I opened a ticket to the support center

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Hello, @daniele_arcangeli, Thank you for updating us. We’re sorry to hear that; please feel free to post the solution here when you are unblocked so others can benefit as well.

Hi @Mabwa_Neek ,the support center replied that the server was under maintenance.

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Thanks for the feedback @daniele_arcangeli