Operate with Orchestrator without an opened RDP session

Good morning,
Some weeks ago we bought the orchestrator license and we want to schedule some robots to run in unattended mode.
We have a dedicated server (named REAPPAS25) and a user account for Botrunner (BOTRUNNER_PRODUCTION).
NB: Isn’t possible to access BOTRUNNER_PRODUCTION as TERMINAL SERVICE (it is enabled to run services, scripts, tools for company policy) but we cant’ access to user desktop.

Is it possible to run BOTRUNNER_PRODUCTION bot without accessing to RDP session?

I configured the BOTRUNNER_PRODUCTION bot with token (via “run as different user” in my user session) but if I start the workflow in orchestrator with the BOTRUNNER_PRODUCTION bot, the processing takes place on my desktop


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Hi @daniele_arcangeli,

You can install the Bot Runner on the user and then it is necessary to ensure that the RDP session will be “open” for the bot to run. In this article from help center there are 2 different ways to do that to keep a virtual session open, even when you close the session. Please check to see if it helps.

Otherwise please contact the support team, so they will be able to deeply analyse the situation.

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Hello @daniele_arcangeli We would like to know if the solution presented above worked for you. If it did, please mark the answer as a solution.

Okay, so the user account that will be running scheduled robots must always remain active in background!

Thanks Renan,

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