Open PDF Document and extract information

How to open a PDF document and once open, extract specific information to store it in a variable? Because I’m using Open Application and it doesn’t work there.



@Jose_Miguel_Almonte Please use read text activity to read the PDF content instead opening and extracting data.

Go through the below article. You can also refer recipes(Go to Portal → Automation hub-> Recipes) where we have already developed bot to read text from PDF file, you can download and use the bot which is readily available.
Read Text – ElectroNeek Help Center


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You can use Google OCR. First you should convert PDF to Image, after that use google OCR (choose your image), and after define the template (same image, you will select the data within the document. If the template is always the same you can always repeat this data extraction for different documents.)

Google OCR
Recognition template


Thank you very much, it has helped me a lot for a project I am developing.


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