No Space Error (C Drive gets full)

I have made an a bot with electroneek studio which aims to scrap data from Linkedin and update in my excel. I have run on multiple device and got the same NO SPACE ERROR because my C drive gets completely full because of the Diagnostics folder is getting created everytime.

The size of this folder is of size 70 - 80 GB everytime I run the bot for scrapping the data. I have implemented solution like below

Start by pressing Win + I and navigate to Privacy & security > Diagnostics & feedback. **Toggle the button beside Send optional diagnostic data of

But I am still getting the same error. Please provide any solution on this A.S.A.P.

@Rishikesh This is the because of MS office log files as When a user runs an Office app, such as Word or Excel, diagnostic information is collected and saved to log files on the user’s device. Since Bot is using Excel, these are log files might get created.

This is not an issue with ElectroNeek, I suggest you check with Microsoft support as there might be ways to disable these logs or any alternatives save your storage.

@Kudlappa_Gouder This logs file does not get created when we use in our day to day work in the manual process. But when we automate this process with electroneek bot runner it creates such large log file.
Then this is electroneek issue not the Microsoft.

@Rishikesh This is interesting! If you do it manually logs are not getting created but if you automate the process then only you are facing this issue. In this case, we need to analyze the log files to find the root cause. Please contact our support with log file and required details, they will be able to analyze and provide solution if its because of ElectroNeek.

Hello @Rishikesh, feel free to ask any more questions.

How can i solve this? im getting the same error.

@Mabwa_Neek any sugestions ?

@Simon_Montilla The ElectroNeek processes do not create huge files in the folder C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Temp and the files that are created by the processes should not be deleted. Please note that the ‘Temp’ folder is common to all the processes that are run on the machine so you can check if any other processes are creating huge files.

You can delete logs from the folder C:\Users\%username%\ElectroNeek\Robot\logs\robot\robot_autologs and C:\Users\%username%\ElectroNeek\Studio Pro\logs\studio_autologs to free up some space on the C drive.