Issue With Saving a File Path

While I was trying to set up a bot to go into a loop and extract data from a certain file I am experiencing problems since updating into ElectroNeek Studio Pro 10.3.0. When I had an “Assign a value” to save a pathway as the value it worked till I updated and now it adds extra backslash to the value recorded.

I had the value set as, \APOLLO\users\MRobertson\Desktop\Bot Invoices\ but whenever I run the bot it saves the value as, “\\APOLLO\users\MRobertson\Desktop\Bot Invoices\”

When I made the post the backslashes are getting removed. the code below might provide a better example.

Here is my code with the values it extracted below:

Anyone have an Idea of how to fix this problem?

Hello! Try using double backslashes and the extension of the file at the end for example \APOLLO\users\MRobertson\Desktop\Bot Invoices\Hayyan.txt. It will save your file under the given path with name Hayyan with txt extension.
I hope it helps you.