Interação ERP - SAP GUI

Can anybody help me? I’m studying the feasibility of automating a process that takes place in SAP GUI, on this screen the bot would have to identify the status of the activity, whether it’s red or green, and the number of lines to execute an action in each line. Does anyone think it’s possible to interact with SAP selectors? I had a similar project where I captured the status by image to know which condition to follow, but in this case I think the interaction must be different.

Hello @pedro.azevedo,

You can try to use the GUI automation activities to select the elements and then get the properties of it, so you will be able to use accordingly of what you need in the workflow.

If for this specific SAP it is not possible to identify the elements with GUI Automation activities (such as “Click on element” and “Get element Property”, then you could try to build the workflow using the Machine Vision activities.

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It is not not possible to identify some elements with GUI Automation. To click I can use click on image, but if I need use “Get element value” or extract some data, what kind of tool can I use?

In the case of the image I would need to know how many are “green” how many are “red”, would it be possible to do this only using images?

I heard from a person who works with SAP that in this case he would need to configure it so that he can interact with automation software, do you know if this is possible?