IntelliDocs - Overview

What is IntelliDocs?

IntelliDocs is a tool you can use to process documents without programming your own platform. As a Managed Service Provider (MPS), you can quickly apply Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) in your Document Stream’s operations.

On ElectroNeek’s User Portal, you find everything you need to generate API Key to implement IDP in your workflows. You are able to extract information from any image you want to use in your projects, with no need for AI training and 99%+ accuracy for most document types, such as driving licenses, Invoices, and much more.

Also, you can manage API Keys for each Document Stream you have, so you provide them with individual authorization to use IntelliDocs on their projects.

Note: This article details how to generate API Keys and manage this feature via User Portal. To build a workflow using IntelliDocs, use the Extract Document Data activity in Studio Pro. Learn more about it in this article.

How to access this tool?

To explore IntelliDocs, go to User Portal and click on the IntelliDocs tile. You also find it under “Business Hub” on the navigation menu. Click on it to start.


First time here? This is what you see:


If you want to use IntelliDocs, contact the Owner or an Admin of your team to request access.

How to manage API Keys?

As an MSP, you can go to IntelliDocs and generate your API Key, to use in your workflows or send to your customers. Note that you are able to manage multiple API Keys, so your customers have individual access without the need to share the same API Key.

Once you have access, you can manage customers, API Keys, and the number of pages available for processing. Here is an example:


If you want to create a single API Key for a customer, click “Add Customer”, then inform “Customer Name” and “Page Limit”. Click save, so you can see the new row created on the table.


Note you have a few options to easily manage the API Keys.


On the top, you can check the counter of the total pages available for processing. Below, you can check the following information for each API Key you have generated:

  • Customer Name
  • Used Page Count
  • Page Count Limit
  • Status (Active/Inactive)
  • API Key


On the right side, you can visually check the API Key by clicking on the “Eye” icon, or you can easily copy the key by clicking on the “Clipboard” icon. Also, you are able to manage API Keys using these actions:

  • Edit customer information
  • Deactivate customer
  • Delete customer


For more information about IntelliDocs API and our endpoints, please refer to ElectroNeek’s API documentation.

Happy Automation with ElectroNeek!!