Insert/Delete coloumns activity in excel

Hi I am trying to insert a coloumn in excel on index A. But after using insert/delete coloumn activity , it is not actually inserting any coloumn at A. Has anyone got any idea about this?

@Prableen I just tested it and it’s working fine for me. If you mention Column A then this activity will add an empty column at A.
You might be testing with empty excel so cannot see whether an empty column added or not. Please use some data and test.
Example: Below is the excel I used.

After using “Add/Delete” column activity for index A. output looks like this. (you can see an empty column added at A)

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Hi, Thanks for your response. Are you sure it worked in .csv format in excel?

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@Prableen Studio Pro supports Microsoft Excel .xls and .xlsx file formats.
Insert/Delete Columns – ElectroNeek Help Center
To work with csv please use Spreadsheet activities.

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