How to use OCR Engines for reading Captcha images?

Hello every one,

I have a question about using OCR Engines to read or bypass Captcha images.
I try to use it, but it returns incorrect text. If a website has Captcha images in the login form. (as images below)

fig.1 Images of OCR engines in ElectroNeek

fig.2 Captcha image in login form.


@anupong.p You are able to create flow to capture image of captcha and read it using OCR. but the OCR is not able to extract the correct values. Is it correct? In that case can you try using other OCR engines available in Studio pro.


@Kudlappa_Gouder Yes. In general, OCR cannot extract accurate values. Iā€™m not sure which method to use in ElectroNeek Pro to solve the captcha images in the login form. (maybe I have to custom python script ?)


@anupong.p ElectroNeek will support multiple OCR engines and you can try with those and if none of the OCR engines are not able to extract the values then as you correctly mentioned using python script will be a best alternative.

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