How to upload files in browser?

Hi, how do I program the bot to upload a file? I can click the upload button to open the file explorer dialog. Once that happens, how do I enter the path to the file?


Hello @jway1013, Thank you for posting for the first time, we recommend you create a variable with the value as the file path. Please let us know if this works.

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Hi, @Oquandiah_Bridley ! You provided great advice! Is it possible to support your post with a few links on our Help Center? What do you think?

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@Oquandiah_Bridley Sorry, what I meant specifically was how do I input the file path into the Windows Explorer popup dialog? See example: 2022-09-16_08-43-48

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@Yudovskiy , absolutely!

@jway1013 , a question that I have is are you able to type in the drop down field of when you click the box does it automatically open the drop down list item?

If you are able to type in the field, I recommend using the “Input to desktop app” activity found in GUI Automation > Keyboard.

If you are not able to type in this field and it automatically shows the list item, I recommend then using “Select List Item” activity found in GUI Automation > Mouse.

I have attached some helpful documentation to assist you.

Using the Input To Desktop App Activity -

Using the Select List Item activity -


Hi @jway1013, were you able to find a solution for your input file path process? if so, I would love to hear how you executed the process. :slight_smile: