How to read a URL from a excel sheet

I need to read the data from an Excel sheet. In this case, the A:2 cell contains the exact data.
How can I save the data as a variable and then call that variable using Open URL Activity?

Which is the best activity for this? Read Excel, Read Row, Read Column, Read Cell?

Hello @Yoshi Use Read Excel cell and the value will be stored in excel_cell_content variable. Use this variable in open URL activity. Please refer the screenshot below.

Thanks Kudlappa

Another question. What if I use Read Excel instead? and want to Open Url activity use specifically the content of cell A2.
How can I stored the specific value in the variable?

@Yoshi When you read excel, the content will be stored in ‘excel_content’ variable as array. If you want to specify content of cell A2 then use below value in open url activity.
excel_content.Sheet1[0].[specify column header of excel]

Check below screenshot for better understanding.
My excel looks like this.

If i use read excel and want to use A2 value (121 in above excel) then i will use below variable.

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