How to manage folder paths?

We will be running our workflows from different machines, so what’s the best way to manage path or other machine specific resources ?


@nmnithinkrishna Could you help me to understand more, like, Are you exporting workflows and running it from system machines or You are scheduling them from orchestrator to run in different machines?

Hey @Kudlappa_Gouder

Scheduling it from Orchestrator to run in different machines.


@nmnithinkrishna In the single orchestrator you can manage workflows to run on different machines. You can name the workflows in such manner where you can identify easily just by seeing workflow name(For example, Using customer_name as prefix to workflow name or using botrunner name as prefix to workflow name)

incase you have more bot runners specific to a single customer and you want to manage them separately(not in a single orchestrator) then we have new feature where you can have multiple orchestrator in single UI. Your can reach out to your success manager for more details on this.

but, if you have less bot runners connected for now, we recommend you to use single orchestrator where you can easily manage just by naming them as suggested above.

This require additional orchestrator license right ?

Yes this is the issue. Where we need to create different projects with different variable values and publish.

@nmnithinkrishna I am bit confused! You actually don’t need multiple orchestrators until you have too many bots where you cannot manage in one orchestrator.
You can create different projects with different variable values and publish it to orchestrator. You can publish N number projects(workflows) in single orchestrator only.

for example I have 4 workflows, I will create them using studio and publish them to orchestrator by naming something like this.


please note these are just example, you name it in better way.

Hey @Kudlappa_Gouder

Thanks for the explanation above. But let me explain you a bit more…

  1. The multiple orchestrator thing is fine, we are planning to do the same. So let’s ignore it as of now. (But even here we may need some categorization in-built)

  2. Coming to the variables in the project,

  • Let’s say we have a Process ABC for a Client X
  • Due to high transaction volume we are looking to run it on multiple machines
  • The process involves file operations wrt path may be downloading a file and using it for processing which requires download path as a value to the bot for processing (There can be many scenarios like this which involves various file paths or any user/bot specific resource values)

So now in this case, I can’t go for Machine1_Process1, Machine2_Process1 etc. to just replace variable values in each process as it will be a pain for maintenance and scaling. If there is a change in the process which may need to be implemented in all the cloned processes.

We have figured out some alternate ways, but something inhouse ready to go options would be great. This is applicable for credentials as well.

Hope I conveyed better this time. Please let me know if any other details is required.

This improvement will add a lot of value is my thought or suggestion.


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Hi @nmnithinkrishna This is fantastic, and thanks for elaborating on how this improvement will add value to your thought process; we will certainly look into it.

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