How to insert an image into the mail body?

In JavaScript or HTML format.

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Hello @Jose_Miguel_Almonte,

You would use HTML format to achieve this. :blush: ensure that you are using the calculate a value option in the parameters.

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I am using the HTML format, but when I send the email the requested image does not appear.

My mail ends there:

value(x) logo : img src=“documents/jbgm.png”>

“José Miguel Almonte Solis
Software Developer
Technology Solutions
TLF. 809-997-5728
” + logo

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@Jose_Miguel_Almonte, the image should be publicly available on the web so you can embed it in an HTML. This is an example where I use the Google logo:

<p>This is a test with an embedded image:</p> 
<p><img src="" alt="" /></p> 
<p>Thank you</p>

You will get:



Take a look at this link for a further explanation of how to insert an image into an email body.

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