How to extract tracking status from BLUE DART

Hi Team,
Actually i need to extract tracking status of shipment(SHIPPED ,IN TRANSIT,DELIVERED) from BLUE DART using ElectroNeek.
Please help me on this…

@vallepukalyan562 You can use web automation activities to achieve the same. For example if you want to get tracking status from Tracking - Bluedart then below are the steps.

  1. Use open URL activity (Tracking - Bluedart)
  2. Click on element (Select appropriate radio button waybill or ref number)
  3. Enter Ref number using ‘input to keyboard’ activity
  4. Click on element (click on GO )
  5. Using Get element property or value You can fetch the status value.

Let me know if this works for you!

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Hi @Kudlappa_Gouder ,
Thanks for response.
Not able to get Status value from below screenshot using "Get element value"Activity.
Can you please help me ?

@vallepukalyan562 You are getting any error or blank value?
Also, when you pick element, click on advance option and see if you are getting value there (sometimes you need to use get element property and use innertext)