How to extract Individual pages


@Siva_Lakshmi Question is bit unclear to me. You want to extract each page individually? or you are talking about reading each page after extracting?

@Kudlappa_Gouder I want to extract each page individually. Thank you

@Siva_Lakshmi We need to use “Extract page range” activity inside loop and extract the pages. Please find screenshot below.

  1. Loop till how many pages you want to extract (if you want to extract first 3 pages, then declare I=1 and I<4)
  2. for each loop you extract page, you can name it as pdf1,pdf2 so on… (refer the screenshot)

@Siva_Lakshmi Could you please let me know if the above solution worked for you. if yes mark above response as solution

Hi team
I get the solution like below process

Thank you for supporting

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Hello @Siva_Lakshmi, we are delighted you found the solution useful; we are always available to assist you whenever you require it. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions whenever the need arises. Thank you.