How to delete a variable


I have some un-used variables which I’m willing to delete from Studio project.

Kindly help.


@nmnithinkrishna If your question is how to delete unused variables then just click on (X) mark beside variable name to delete it. Please find below screenshot for your reference.

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Hey @Kudlappa_Gouder

For me it was not enabled.

What I can understand from the screenshot is the x mark will be enabled if it’s unused ?

Please correct me if wrong.


@nmnithinkrishna Correct! If the variable is not in use then it will be enabled.

This is unfortunately still not working for me :frowning:

@nmnithinkrishna Unable to delete or x mark is not enabled? Can you give more details

Sorry, I need to completely remove the activity to delete the variable. Now it is working.

Thanks for your help.


Hi @nmnithinkrishna, We are pleased that we were able to resolve your issue today. Please do not hesitate to ask any additional questions.

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