How to deactivate the automatic creation of a project backup?

Every minute or so Studio Pro will enter a “buffering” mode while creating a project backup. It’s really annoying because it interrupts my work. I can’t find anything abut it in the Settings. How can I turn it off? Can I set the timing to be every 30min or something? It’s driving me crazy.

@cris-dsc Can you help me with the screenshot or something to understand the behavior when it’s in buffering mode.

Yes. Here it is:

It’s not every 30 secondes, it’s every minute. Look at the messages in the console. I HATE this feature. It is VERY annoying. Please tell me there’s a way to turn it off!!!

@cris-dsc Upgrade Studio to the latest version 9.3.13 and you should not face this issue anymore.

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