How to copy a formula to specific row Excel

I am trying to create a bot that copies a formula to a specific cell that will change each time the robot is executed. The column will always be the same.

I tried using the Send Hot Key activity with several keyboard shortcuts, but none succeed.

Thanks in advance

@Yoshi You can use update excel cell activity. Please find example below


Hi @Yoshi

You want to add a formula in Nombre Carpeta row? If yes, you can add it using update excel cell, as mentioned by @Kudlappa_Gouder . Store what you want to add in the particular cell in a variable and pass it to update excel cell. The formula will be added in that particular cell. And yes you can make BOT that will add the formula in new cell every time it runs the flow, for example first time it will add the formula in cell L1 then L2, L3, L4 and so on.

If you find any difficulty fell free to share your issue. I hope you understand the the solution and it works for you.

Best Regards,
Muhammad Hayyan Khan

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Yes, I want to add the formula to the column but then I need the formula to be dragged to the cells below, the problem is that the number of cells that the column will have will always be variable

Hi @Yoshi

I think you can use:

  1. use send hot key activity (ctrl + c; ctrl + v)

  2. use mouse click activity (edit - copy; edit - paste)

As mentioned by @Kudlappa_Gouder and by @Muhammad_Hayyan you can update excel cell.
before using update excel cell activity, you can find out, how many cells (or rows) you have, and then copy your formula (you can use loop).