How to compare two images using OCR

How can I compare two images using OCR to recognize if they have the same variable values or vice versa?

Use OCR if the variable invoice number is identical or different from the previous one.

Is this possible to do?


@Jose_Miguel_Almonte, to get the invoice number from an image you have to use OCR. Once you process both invoices you can just compare the two. Do you want to avoid using OCR if invoice ID was already processed?


Thanks for the answer.

Once the variable is captured, how would that comparison be made? Storing the variable in an Excel document or by other means.

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If you just want to compare only with the previous one you can create two variables: current_value and previous_value and compare using a conditional “If…then”. If they are equal, keep the previous_value without changes and do not process that invoice. But if they different, update previous_value with current_value and continue processing the invoice.


Thank you very much, it helped me a lot.

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